Markus Schwitter

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Hmm, it's hard to say, he has his own company (BITEC Elektronik & Software GmbH) and is most of the time in his office, he develops thechnical stuff like Soft- and Hardware, together with Rolf Haslinger, also a BITEC worker. Other people said that he is a workaholic. His hobbies are BBQ, riding a motorbike, Model Railroad and travelling all over the world and, when he even don't know what to do, scuba-diving (...OK, and sitting in front of a computer...)

He also likes a good talk about everything and people wich are honest and frank. When talking about pets, he likes cats the most.

Oh, Shit, I forgot something: He HATES cheese, and that doesn't matter what kind of cheese ! Just remember, send him beer or stuff like this !
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